Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Blessing of Children or "From Cruise to Warp speed!"

The blessing and presence of children in a marriage typically puts life in higher speed that only seems to accelerate with each passing year. Most married couples look forward with nervous anticipation to the day when God would bless them with children to nurture and disciple. To hold in our arms that gift of love and to play and grow with this life is one of the highest callings.

Yet at the same time one of our greatest fears is realized. We have less and less time for each other. The focus has somewhat shifted from us to our children. That is not necessarily bad but it can feel weird. We no longer have the luxury of sitting down and processing life with just the two of us. Someone in the other room is crying or calling us and suddenly we are making the first of innumerable life adjustments!

How do you maintain and grow your marriage with children around and not simply put it on hold? The pace of life picks up, the demands on time increase and we are just plain tired!

In God's providence could one of the reasons for children be that we actually appreciate each other more? Rather than taking each other for granted we become even more grateful for the times we have together. As I look back on life I am amazed at how much time I have wasted not only on myself but with my wife. I should have been more creative and thoughtful to make the most of those in between times.

A little bit can go a long way.

Yes, the presence of children sets you on a new trajectory for much of life but it doesn't mean you set aside the closeness you desire and need from your husband or wife. You can and should do two things at the same time.

As Christians our marriage to Christ has similar demands and challenges. Life is so demanding and so fast yet we are called to do two things at the same time. To "be in this world but not of it" and as Paul calls us daily to "Set you minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth." Colossians 3:2

Let's renew our commitment to make the most of lesser moments we seem to have with our spouse and our Lord and watch how He blesses a lot with a little.