Friday, October 24, 2008

A Social Dilemma?

In the April, 2008 issue of Newsweek magazine a featured article on divorce quotes the experiences of couples from the 70's who went through divorce. One observation came from the author of the article, "My 44 year old classmates and I have watched divorce morph from something shocking, even shameful, into a routine fact of American life."

We agree that life doesn't always work out the way we want but have we lowered our expectations to meet our demands? This is not to make light of the painful reality of sin and brokenness in this most intimate of God-ordained relationships but why has it become so common?

I would suggest that part of the problem has been a less than biblical view of marriage even among professing Christians. If marriage is primarily a social institution established for our happiness and fulfillment then it will be doomed to disillusionment or divorce. What if marriage were more about holiness than happiness as one Christian author asks his readers.

To accept the current status of marriage as "just the way life is" is to have a less than biblical view of what Christ calls us to as His followers.

Let's think about how this God-ordained context of marriage could be a powerful tool to help the unbelieving world see the good news of Jesus' love worked out.

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