Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Man To Man Talk

This past weekend I had the privilege of having an hour alone with my son and and son-in-law. We spent the time talking "man to man" about life and marriage. We were not simply comparing notes to see who had it better but honestly talking about the blessings and challenges of being married.

It was like an out of body experience. I was listening to these young men talking about loving their wives and at the same time remembering my early years in marriage.

Where did the years go?!

I asked them what they had learned so far about marriage and their response was almost in unison, "it's hard work!" As we talked it was obvious they were not regretting being married but honestly and maturely expressing their feelings. They were learning the necessity and the benefit of learning to say no to some of their own desires for the sake of their spouses. I think we left feeling we had more in common than we realized and encouraged to work even harder.

We also realized we were not just talking about marriage but the call of Christ.

That brief time was a powerful reminder to me especially as to how the Lord has used my wife as an instrument of sanctification. The character issues of the gospel are more clearly brought to bear when you have to listen to, love, and learn from someone who is always in your life. The Christan life, like marriage, is hard work but in the grace of Christ both will produce growth in life and glory to God.

I pray these young men will continue on in this joyful struggle in marriage and the Christian life. I pray as well that they will continue to have man to man talk with other men and especially the Son of Man for the rest of their married life.

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