Friday, August 21, 2009


I'm big on memories - especially as I get older!

I love to remember things and people. I think it is wrong to romanticize the "good old days" but we should not forget them either. I've been having the urge to go back and organize some old photos and look at the home movies we made. My problem is that I can't get very far without spending a lot of time just looking and remembering and not organizing!

I want to pull Bev aside and tell a story with each photo. Do you remember when we took this trip? Do you remember the nick names we gave our kids and why? Or how about this picture of us all at Disney World in the cold rain wearing ponchos and 3-D glasses with your parents?!

Some pictures are seared in our minds and not in printed form. Like the first "real" argument we had in our marriage that ended in spaghetti all over the floor amidst tears and laughter.

I think it is important to have tangible reminders of the past. The primary reason for us as Christians is to remember how faithful God is to His commitments. The bible is filled with examples of remembering the things God does for His people. One clear example is in Joshua 4 when God tells Joshua to pile 12 stones together after he stopped the waters of the Jordan river. The only reason given was so that when the children ask what do these stones mean the story of God's salvation would be recalled to the next generation.

That's a good practice for every season of your marriage. It can be an encouraging tool that the Holy Spirit uses to remind you of His faithulness especially when you feel discouraged or weary.

Try it today. Pull out an old picture or look again at the rings on your fingers. Remeber how God blessed you and be thankful. Look ahead and make new memories as well.

Don't forget to remember.

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