Monday, November 29, 2010

Would You Remind Me Again?

How many times has your spouse forgotten to do something you asked them to do? Whether it was picking up something from the store or making that phone call. You thought it was a done deal but come to find out they never remembered.

Some things we can sort of let slide by but when it comes to important things like anniversaries or birthdays or special needs that are forgotten - it hurts. What hurts even more is when that spouse comes back a day after promising to remember and says, "Would you remind me again of what we talked about? They have a general recall but can't seem to remember the details. There might be some legitimate reasons but it still can feel discouraging.

Yet there can be some times when the pleas to help someone remember can be a good thing. Like the son who called his father after having a hard day simply said, "Dad, you don't have to give me a talk or sermon, would you just remind me that life is really about Jesus?" He wanted to be reminded of some things he forgot. Like the fact that God still loved him and was still in control.

What would a marriage be like if the two who loved Jesus were asking each other on a regular basis, "Would you remind me again?" when it came to the things of God? The motive would not be laziness but humility. Knowing how prone we are to forget the Lord is actually a sign of maturity to ask to be reminded. The Apostle Peter was really working off that assumption when he told fellow believers, "I think it right, as long as I am in this body, to stir you up by way of reminder." I Peter 1:13 What better thing in life to be reminded of then the love of Jesus? I can forget a lot of things but I really don't want to stop being reminded of my first love. And what better way to build a marriage than on the love of Christ and the privilege of encouraging each other to remember Him.

As a Christian what do you want to remember today that you know is true about Jesus that you too easily forget? Now, go ask your husband or wife that same question!

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Mat said...

My knee-jerk reaction is to want you to explain what to do when your spouse forgets because that is something I can use immediately to build myself up, yet that is indicative of my deeper problem: I forget those things of God, namely the gift of grace based on Christ's merit. Thank you for the reminder! So, now that the spiritual stuff is out of the way, really, what do I do if I'm the spouse that keeps forgetting?