Tuesday, August 3, 2010

That Was Easy

Does my marriage have to be messed up to be good?

So much of what is written regarding marriages is in response to the endless problems that seem to plague them. Whether it's adultery or a breakdown in communication or kids, you could get the impression that everyone is on the verge of some kind of catastrophe.

Is there something wrong if there are no big wrongs to deal with?

The statistics bear out the fact that almost half the marriages are in trouble. But what about he rest? What do we say to those who are doing well?

Too often we don't say anything. We don't encourage and affirm the good things we see and how they are growing together in life and love. Especially as professing Christians who are endeavoring to take the gospel seriously in their lives. They need to be thanked and affirmed in their faithfulness. They are a picture of what many of us want to pursue in our own marriages.

They in turn are an important catalyst in the hands of the Holy Spirit to spur us on. There is something that "rubs off" when we are around people who are trying to take Jesus more seriously in their marriages.

But here is a personal challenge to those who are doing well:

The Bible clearly calls those of us who have been blessed to be a blessing. To paraphrase Jesus in Luke 12:48, "To whom much is given much is expected in return." If God has blessed you with faithfulness in your marriage and love then give it back to the body of Christ!

You have more to give than you realize. Go out to dinner with another couple. You don't have to do some big public teaching just be an object lesson for us. We need to see the joy of your love for each other and for Jesus. Don't let us put you up on a pedestal, just hang around us more often.

In a world that is so complicated we need a simple focus. We need to see that IN CHRIST it's easier than doing it ourselves.

May God make us couples who have increased confidence in Christ and may your church be filled increasingly with couples who are doing well for all the right reasons.

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I really, really appreciate all your thoughts and posts on marriage. I know I don't comment often, but I do have you in my reader and I do appreciate all you share with us.