Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love Letters

I've been reading again many of the letters my Dad wrote to my Mom while he was in the army during WWII. That's another era of communication that has been lost to modern technology. Letters are now immediate exchanges by way of email and even face to face over the computer! What used to be a waiting period of weeks can now be instantaneous.

There are definite advantages in getting a direct answer to a question and not having to guess what the other might be thinking. Did they understand what I meant? What if they took what I said the wrong way? The waiting can be painful.

It can also be helpful.

While reading through my parents' letters I could almost feel the angst of the silence. The fear that my Dad's most recent letter could be his last. The focus was clearly on what they missed about each other and what their hopes and dreams were for the future. You could tell they were thinking a lot in between letters and though the messages were similar and even repetitious they were fresh reminders. "You mean more to me than anything else in the world darling. Life isn't worth living without you. We will have our happiness some day. It will be that much sweeter because we've had to suffer so much for it."

Dad had to wait weeks for her response. He couldn't hear her voice but only tried to remember what it would sound like. Love letters were important and so to were the thoughts that created those letters.

That which captures our hearts captures our thoughts also.

I no longer have to write love letters to my wife because she is always around. The downside of that is that I can all too easily take her for granted. I don't think about her enough and how God has so richly blessed me through her. The conversations are too often centered around finding solutions rather than taking time to let her know, "Life isn't worth living without you."

Love letters can be oral or written but either way they are essential. The Lord has given us his "letters" through his word. They are to be daily reminders of how much he does and always will love his people. He too yearns to have us with him forever and promises that will happen. He has guaranteed it through the death and resurrection of his own son.

God has also given us our mates to love and cherish which is ultimately to be a reflection of His love for us in Christ. May the world see today how grateful you are for the love of God in Christ by how you love and desire to be with your husband or wife.

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