Monday, March 19, 2012

Daily Routine

For many of us our daily routine is mapped out the night before. The schedule is set. Get up early, get the kids ready, get yourself ready and get out the door.

Who has time to think?!

To be a Christian is to have a thought life unlike the world. My daily routine includes the fact that the very presence of Jesus is with me all day, every day. In a real sense I always have to be thinking two things at the same time! I have to be aware of what I'm dealing with right in front of me, be it projects, people, schedules or problems. I want to act responsibly with what God has put before me. At the same time I must always be aware of "who" is with me. I need to process what I am thinking and feeling through the filter of the cross and the call of Jesus.

Who has time to think?!

Could the problem be for many of us professing Christians that we have made the Lord one of the many compartments of our daily routine? We seem to call upon him only when we need him rather than consciously assume his presence in all things. We do need those times of solitude and reflection with the Lord and his Word but we don't have to wait until things are quiet.

The Puritain Christians of the 18th century were constantly reminding each other of a daily routine that had Jesus at the center of all things throughout the day. They would say things like, "..take continual notice, that you are in the sight of God that made your heart." or "Unite yourself more and more strongly unto your head Christ Jesus, by faith and love..." or "examine yourself often."

As Christians who are married that, in a real sense, should be our daily routine. We should be more and more naturally thinking about Jesus and his honor throughout the day. In so doing I believe we will more and more reflect that love in our relationships and our homes.

It all starts with one thought that we should have as a part of our daily routine, "Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 2:5

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bwsmith said...

Good thoughts, Pastor.